Area mail is designed for targeting ZIP Codes or neighborhoods. It's its own product, different from postcards. If you're looking to get started with postcards please visit the Postcard templates page.

To begin, first define the desired ZIP Codes or neighborhoods you'd like to target. USPS offers this helpful mapping tool here. Inkit is able to accept 5 digit ZIP Codes in addition to extended ZIP + 4. Please separate multiple ZIP Codes with a comma e.g. (94109, 10012-C014, 94027).

Area Mail Back

The back of the area mail postcard requires either a message or content (HTML, PNG, JPEG). We don't accept PDF file types. All files must be +300 DPI. We recommend 300 DPI. For further information visit Design guidelines. If you choose to include content, follow the provided template, to leave room for postage:

Return Address

There's no return address on this product.


Please allow 10-15 business days for delivery. There's no tracking available for this product.

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